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I met Indradyumna Maharaja in Vrindavana at the ceremony for Purnacandranbsp;Maharaja's samadhi, and Indradyumna Maharaja got on my case a little for notnbsp;making any classes available on my web site. So here is a class I gave innbsp;Vrindavana on the 27th November. 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All glories to Srila Prabhupada. On September 28th I flew from Durban through Johannesburg to Moscow,nbsp;arriving on the 29th, and ... Dear devotees, Please accept my best wishes. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. On September 28th I flew from Durban through Johannesburg to Moscow,nbsp;arriving on the 29th, and stayed there overnight in the flat of Dayalnbsp;Caitanya prabhu and Kamala Locana, along with their children Karunamayi andnbsp;Harinamananda. On the 30th morning I flew from there to Sochi, on the Blacknbsp;Sea, which is something like the Riveria of Russia. I was met at the airport by some devotees who didn't speak a lot of English,nbsp;and we then drove to the border of Abhkazia, about 30 minutes away. Abhkazianbsp;is an unofficial country. I know that may sound very strange, but it's true.nbsp;It has been part of Georgia for some time, but when the Soviet Unionnbsp;collapsed Abhkazia decided to become independent, so they fought a war ofnbsp;independence against the Georgians, and are now not under their control. However they are not recognized by any countries except Russia, Venezuela,nbsp;Nicaragua and Nauru. There is another unofficial country named Transnistrianbsp;which recognizes them. I'm sure you've never heard of Transnistria. So we arrived at the border, but because it takes some hours to get throughnbsp;in a car, we decided to walk through with my luggage. We were met by mynbsp;disciple Mahaprabhu Kripa das from Penza, and then started walking. It was anbsp;bit of a labyrinth, going back and forward and around a few corners, andnbsp;then finally we arrived at the Russian border post and immigration centre.nbsp;There were about 30 or 40 people queued up to go through, so we took ournbsp;places in the line, but just as we got near the end a group of about 5nbsp;rather wild looking gypsy women just came pushing into the line and went through. The Russians kept me for about 20 minutes, trying to figure out what to donbsp;with a foreigner, but eventually they let me go, and then we walked to thenbsp;Akhbazian side. This was much more relaxed, and they were actually quitenbsp;friendly to us. When we arrived at the booth where you have to buy medicalnbsp;insurance the policemen greeted us, "Hare Krishna! Haribol!" and we noticednbsp;that in the front window was a nice picture of Mother Yasoda with babynbsp;Krishna. Things were becoming very auspicious! We finally got through to the town the festival was in, named Gagra, andnbsp;took part in the programme with about 2500 devotees for about a week. I didnbsp;a seminar on the 26 qualities of a devotee, and how they should be shown innbsp;Vaisnava Ettiquette. Some of the time we were put in a small hall, out ofnbsp;the way, and not so many devotees came, but when we were put in the mainnbsp;hall we had about 500 or 600 devotees attending. I flew back to Moscow with Prabhavisnu Maharaja and some other devotees, andnbsp;was picked up by my disciple Jai Sacinandana das, who is one of Russia's topnbsp;alternative dj's, known as DJ List. He gave me a copy of one of hisnbsp;creations, an upbeat version of the Govindam prayers we play every day atnbsp;the greeting of the Deities in temples through ISKCON. nbsp;I have included anbsp;copy of it with this message (See bottom of post). His wife, Bhaktin Irina, is a news presenternbsp;on MTV, and is broadcast throughout Russia practically every day. I had beennbsp;sitting in the airport in Novosibirsk some weeks before, waiting for anbsp;flight, when I saw her on a television there, presenting some of the popularnbsp;music of the time. When she finished her presentation she smiled verynbsp;happily at the camera and said, in English, "Hare Krishna everyone!" Whennbsp;they picked me up now I told them about this, and she laughed and said shenbsp;concludes her show every day in the same way, and so far no one hasnbsp;complained about it. From Moscow I flew to Vilnius, Lithuania, for a few days of preaching.nbsp;Unfortunately, even though it has been one of my favourite places for manynbsp;years, more recently the spiritual atmosphere... 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